Segment Integration

Setting up ProductBird with Segment is super easy.

Firstly, ensure you have the ProductBird widget installedon your website. You can however, skip adding the attributes on the productBird.delighted method and instead just pass the user id:

window.productBird.identify({ userId: "your-unique-user-identifier"})

This will need to be the userID that matches the one you use with Segment.

Once you have the ProductBird widget installed, navigate to the destinations screen in Segment and create a desination for ProductBird.

  1. From the Destinations catalog page in the Segment App, click Add Destination.
  2. Search for "ProductBird" in the Destinations Catalog, and select the "ProductBird" destination.
  3. Choose which Source should send data to the "ProductBird" destination.
  4. Go to your settings in ProductBird, find and copy the "Secret API key".
  5. Enter the "API Key" in the "ProductBird" destination settings in Segment.

Once you have Segment installed, you can now start identifying users as you normally would via the segment identify api.


analytics.identify('userId123', {
email: '',
role: "admin"

This will automatically create a user in ProductBird, with the id of userId123, the email of and a custom property of role: = admin.

All traits you send to Segment, will be mapped to properties in ProductBird.